Georgia’s Grand Canyon

We have been trying to explore as much as we can and like to visit state parks that are underestimated or are not known of so much. We left Florida really early around 2 am at night. On our way to Whitwell, TN, we planned to stop by Georgia’s grand canyon- Providence Canyon State Park.

Well, no place can compare to the real Grand Canyon National Park, but… this place in Georgia is something unique and incredible. Providence Canyon State Park is considered “little Grand Canyon” for a reason. The state park’s little canyons are making a great scenery. Located in the South-west Georgia, the park covers 1,003-acre land. The park is also called Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. The canyons formed after the exploitive farming practices in the area leading to the destruction of topsoil. The gullies grew into the 150-foot canyons.

The park provides tons of opportunities to hike, camp and site-seeing. We hiked down to the canyon floor. The Canyon Loop Trail is well marked and labeled. The puddles and streams on the trail add beauty. Make sure to wear rain boots! Enjoy the mud! The canyon walls are stunning, however, more prone to the erosion. We noticed many carvings on the canyon walls; however, the walls particles are loosely formed. The canyons provide small picture of Sedona, Arizona. The place provided a feel of grand canyon in Arizona. We were nostalgic but at the same time appreciative of the beautiful construction of nature.

We automatically tend to compare one place to another every single time. However, all places from little grand canyon to the real grand canyon, all have their own natural beauty and importance to that particular place. Knowing the fact, that this kind of topography exists in Georgia itself is a valuable knowledge. We could see people travelling from all around the states there. It’s worth the visit. As we left the place to travel to Whitwell from Georgia, we were on phone with our grand mother. She informed us that her parents used to camp in this state park in an RV. This just made us feel fascinated about the place even more.

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