Mount Dora, Florida Travel Guide

If you ever are travelling to Orlando, or Tampa, don’t forget to spend your day or two at Mount Dora. Mount Dora is a small town that will amaze you in many different ways. The town is located 92 miles north from Tampa. It is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes drive from Tampa. Following are few things to see in Mount Dora.

Lake Dora

Lake Dora is not far from the downtown. Spend your morning or afternoon near the lake Dora. You can also take your picnic. Enjoy the sunset. Boat tours and beautiful nature trails are available on site.

Palm Island Park

If you are looking to spend your time watching birds and other animals such as alligators and raccoons, Palm Island Park is the place to stop by. The park has beautiful boardwalk on the lake Dora. You can also see Mount Dora Light House from the boardwalk.

Mount Dora Light House

Mount Dora Light house is located in the Port of Mount Dora. The lighthouse is one of only 3 freshwater lighthouses in
the state of Florida. It is about 35 feet tall. It was opened since 1988 and there is no access inside.Mount Dora Downtown: Downtown Mount Dora is a beautiful destination for a getaway in Central Florida. This vibrant downtown will surprise you with beautiful antique shops, museums, restaurants, hotels, and shopping stores. The downtown is not far from Lake Dora. Enjoy looking at the beautiful murals and old buildings in the downtown.

Mount Dora Downtown

Downtown Mount Dora is a beautiful destination for a getaway in Central Florida. The vibrant downtown has antique shops, museums, restaurants, hotels other shopping stores. Stroll around the downtown to look at murals, old buildings, beautiful arts that exist in the corner of the downtown. Downtown is not far from lake Dora.

The Donelly’s House

Don’t miss out on visiting Mr. Donelly’s house. John. Donelly’s house who is one of the founders of the local yacht club.
He is also Mount dora’s first mayor in 1910. This house is owned by mount dora lodge now.He built this house as a gift to his wife.
It is listed in national register of the historic places.

Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce

The first place to visit to get information about Mount Dora is the chamber of commerce. Located in the heart of Mount Dora downtown, the visitors center has staffs dedicated to assist you in making your visit easier. Stop by the visitors center to grab maps and other Mount Dora travel guides.