Central Florida to Florida Panhandle

Day 1: Start driving at 8 am from Tampa to Tallahassee. Take route 589 and US 19 to drive backroads. Reach Cedar Key by 12:00 noon. Spent 2 hours in Cedar Key. Get back to the route to Tallahassee. Reach Goat house farm by 6pm at late.

Day 2: Hit the road at 8:00 am. Drive to the Wakulla Springs. Spend 3 hours in Wakulla springs. From there drive to St Marks light house. Spend rest of the day. Return to Tallahassee

Day 3: Start driving at 8:00 am to Apalachicola. Go to Saint George Island Lighthouse and State Park. Stay over night in Apalachicola.

Day 4: Drive to Chipley FL, see Florida Caverns State Park and Falling waters state park. Drive back to Apalachicola.

Day 5: Drive to Panama City using route—-. Stay in Panama City.

Day 6: Drive to Pensacola FL—-route—. Stay for 3 hours

Day 7: Return Back