Meet Prabin and Anuja

Welcome to Panda’s world! We are a normal Nepali couple married since 2014. We like to travel, take photos, make memories and celebrate life. We like to visit exotic state parks, national parks, springs and other federal recreation sites. Both of us are fascinated and keen to learn about ancient people and visit archeological sites. From ancient to contemporary, we believe that planet has a lot to offer. That requires observation, belief, and adventure. Travelling has helped us in self-exploration and renewed both of our perspectives about life. It does require some planning, but, travelling is totally possible even with normal corporate jobs. There are several tips, tricks and travel hacks to stay within budget, yet still travel to your dream places. Through Panda Backpack, we would like to connect with all our readers, help you plan your dream trip, share travel hacks, exchange experiences and build a community. Enjoy travelling with us through Panda Backpack.

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