Chasing beautiful falls- Florida to Tennessee Roadtrip

We are so glad that you are reading about our travels. Here’s another blog where we want to share with you about our travel experiences. Last month, we were on 11 hours road trip to Tennessee from Florida. Our road trip included several stops. Apart from stopping at boring rest areas, we stopped in the beautiful natural attractions as well. Two of the main highlights of our stops were Tallulah Falls and Mingo Falls.

Tallulah Falls

Tallulah falls is located in the Tallulah Gorge State Park in the Northern Georgia. The beautiful rolling hills led us to the entrance of the state park. The park had plenty of empty parking spaces. The park fee is $5. The park includes informative center which displays collection of Victorian era items and provides information about Victorian Tallulah.

The trails to the popular suspension bridge and Tallulah river starts behind the information center. The trails are properly marked by the numbers. We grabbed the map from the center which helped a lot.

The trails in the park skirt the rim of the Tallulah Gorge. There are various view lookout points which face the beautiful Tallulah gorge. The trails also descend to its floor touching Tallulah River. We walked a trail descending to the suspension bridge which spanned the incredible Tallulah river. Here is a tip: going down is easy, but climbing up the straight mountain is difficult. Make sure to carry enough water and snacks to munch. There are various resting spots in the trail. Stop by those spots to take a moment and enjoy the beauty.

Mingo falls

Mingo falls is located in the Northern board of North Carolina and Tennessee. Mingo falls is one the tallest water falls in the southern Appalachians. We stopped by the Mingo Falls to take a short hike and view this 120ft tall water fall. The fall is on the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

Here’s important information. GPS navigated us to the wrong area. However, we encountered the sign board that said “GPS BROUGHT YOU TO THE WRONG PLACE. NOT A WAY TO THE MINGO FALLS.” We were already in the middle of the country area, and didn’t have cell phone network to pull the map. Luckily, the truck drove by us, and we got a chance to ask the guy about the place. He guided us to make a u-turn, and we noticed another sign board leading us to the Mingo falls. It was only 5 minutes drive from that point. This is not our first time ending to the wrong location due to Wrong GPS navigation which is why we took everything easily, and didn’t panic.

Mingo falls can be visited for free of cost. The stairs to the falls are close to the park spaces. We also saw the creek next to the parking area. The spectacular Mingo falls is 0.4 miles hike. The hike includes stairs and moderate difficult trail.

As we hiked closer to the falls, we had a glimpse of a beautiful bridge spanning the creek. We walked up to the bridge and were blessed to view maginificant beautiful Mingo falls.

If you ever plan to go to the Great Smokey’s, don’t forget to stop by this beautiful natural attractions. We will write more about our trips. Keep on reading!

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