Treasures of Central Florida

The most popular attraction in Central Florida is Disney World. Visited by people worldwide, Disney remains on the top of the chart for so many people and has shadowed other exotic destinations. If you look closely, the central part of this state has a lot to offer you from springs, manatees and mermaids to rolling hills and treasure coast. This article will list only a few places that you must visit if you enjoy nature.

Before establishing Disney World, Weeki Wachee Springs was one of the most visited places due to the mermaid performances. However, the popularity of Disney world affected Weeki Wachee’s businesses.

Crystal River Archeological State Park

Standing at the bank Crystal river, the mounds lead you to imagine the life of ancient Indians.  The mounds are the piles of shells used by the Calusa Indians. The Calusa chiefs built important temples, conducted essential ceremonies on the top of the mound. Take the stairs to the top of the mound, and enjoy the breeze coming from the beautiful Crystal River.

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Home for manatees, the Homosassa springs lets you experience the wildlife and nature closely. Take a boat tour from the entrance to the wildlife rehabilitation.  

The other attraction in the springs is an underwater observatory that allows you to watch Manatees and thousands of fishes and mullet. Manatees mainly visit Homosassa springs during winter. They visit springs seeking the warm 72 F water. The park volunteers run the informative show while they feed Manatees foods such as carrots.

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park and Weeki Wachee preserve

Famous for mermaids, Weeki Wache springs hold the history of one of the most iconic springs. Enjoy the boat tours, swim in the Buccaneer bay, and hike in nature. Do you like freshwater adventures? Weeki Wachee springs allow you to kayak and launch your private rentals.

Located in Spring Hill, Weeki Wachee preserve is situated in the conservation land. It extends up to the Crystal river buffer preserve. The preserve has an uneven road, easy to drive. However, the gate is only open on the second and fourth Saturday of a month. You can still hike and take your bike when the gates are closed. The area has only one picnic table located near the beautiful lake. 

There are several man-made lakes in the area that formed after the land mining operations. This habitat is the largest remaining black bear habitat in along the peninsular gulf coast. 

Pine Island

Embraced by the beautiful marshlands and palm trees, pine island is one of Florida’s exotic hidden treasures. As you drive the island, you enjoy the beautiful view of the palm trees forest. The beach houses are seen when you get closer to the Hernando county beach. Enjoy the forest scenery on the horizon while you walk on the white sands of the beach.

Rainbow Springs State Park

The crystal clear river of rainbow springs attracts many visitors. The constant 72f water in the spring is ideal for the children and families to swim, kayak and paddle. It will be less crowdy as you paddle away from the bank of the spring. Immerse in the beauty of nature, watch for birds and alligators. Rainbow springs state park has more to offer you. As you stroll around the park, experience fantastic butterfly garden. Smell the blooming jasmine flowers floating all the way from the top of the tree to its root. 

Silver Springs State Park


Silver springs is another beautiful state park with one of the largest springs in the USA.    The boat tours at the state park will sail you to the lap of exotic trees, homes of birds and alligators. 

Experience underwater life by viewing from the glass bottom boats take you the underwater.

Get to learn the park deeper by bringing your own private rentals in the spring. Educate yourself about the spring at the visitors center that offers you museum. 

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